Landscape Oil Painting For Wall Decoration

Landscape Oil Painting For Wall Decoration

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Landscape Oil Painting for Wall Decoration


Handmade oil painting 

A long time ago in abroad, private customization of oil painting has become very popular. However, it has become popular in China because the color of oil paints is very stable and can remain unchanged for thousands of years under normal circumstances.


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The Spaniard has an extraordinary artistic talent since childhood. His father is an art teacher, and he has received relatively strict painting training at the Academy of Fine Arts. He has a solid styling ability. His painting methods and styles have changed in his life. Several periods: "Blue Period" "Rose Red Period" "Black Period".


Gauguin was one of the three great masters of the late Impressionist school in France. He started late, the early painting pursued the simplification of the form and the decorative effect of color, but he did not get rid of the impressionist technique. He was not only interested in ancient Egyptian painting, but also longed for The style and art of the natives who are still living in primitive tribes. It is called the highest typical of primitive human production.


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