Artwork Oil Painting Wall Decoration

Artwork Oil Painting Wall Decoration

We offer stable quality perfect production and service system and world-class artist to you, worldwide shipping available.

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Artwork Oil Painting Wall Decoration,

We offer stable quality perfect production and service system and world-class artist to you, worldwide shipping available.

Color : Customized

Size: Customized

Handmade: 100% Hand-painted

Bulk Lead Time: Depends on your order

Sample: We can supply samples

Packaging :                             

1.wrapped by plastic film 

2.rolled up with a tube 

3.wrapped by hard paper 

Why you choose us ? 

1. Good quality, heavy righteousness.

2.Stable quality, reasonable price, timely delivery.

3. Perfect production and service system.

4. World-class artist, quality of work by the people praise. 

5. Looking forward to a win-win mutual benefit.

6. Custom sizes .

7.Support for small orders .

8. Woldwide shipping available.


The raw materials and chemical properties of the pigments can be divided into three categories:

(1) Mineral pigments.  strong light resistance, not easy to fade and discolor, strong coverage and poor transparency. The purity is not high, close to neutral, such as vermiculite, brown, yellow, and red.

(2) Organic pigments. The color is bright and bright, with good dyeing power, transparency and color rendering. However, the light resistance is poor, and the long-term drying is easy to fade. 

(3) Inorganic pigments. The color is stable, the light resistance is good, and the long-term drying will become gray, such as titanium white, zinc white, ultramarine blue, sky blue, blue, cadmium, cobalt and the like.

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