​Realistic Elephant Oil Painting

​Realistic Elephant Oil Painting

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Realistic Elephant Oil Painting


Item No.: RR-DE-187


MOQ: 1pc


Load Port: Shenzhen

Size: 50x60cm, 60x80cm, 80x90cm, 90x100cm, 100x120cm,

PackageCanvas printing  only , wrapped with bubble film,then rolled in the tube.  

Lead-free oil paint is the regular material we paint by,

Follwing the requests, we use also acrylic to dry fast

(15-45 minutes)

If you prefer to use oil paint only and willing to wait little bit more days, please let me know.



The pioneer of Nordic expressionism, Munch, is a famous Norwegian painter with a unique style. His childhood life is almost shrouded in the shadow of death and disease, and these terrible experiences not only impressed the immortal impression on his mind, but also indirectly became the inspirational material in the creation of painting, which makes Munch is different in the history of modern Western painting.

Eugene pudding

Eugene (1824-1898) was born in Honfleur and died in Deauville. Two-thirds of the picture is the sky, one-third is the sea surrounded by a small beach, and the beach is full of colorful women. Long skirt, this is the scene that comes to the attention of the people when they mention the name of the pudding.


Dutch painter. Born in Haarlem, died in Luwan on May 6, 1475. May have been trained in art in Haarlem and studied in Brussels. Early works such as mourning Jesus received from R. van der Weeden Influence. Mature works, pay attention to the scrutiny of composition, tend to be calm and realistic, and also show its ability to depict the specific atmosphere of the landscape.

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