Cartoon Character Oil Painting

Cartoon Character Oil Painting

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Handmade oil painting,  

A long time ago in abroad, private customization of oil painting has become very popular. However, it has become popular in China because the color of oil paints is very stable and can remain unchanged for thousands of years under normal circumstances.


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The key material of varnish is resin, and the impure resin contained in varnish will make the work dark. The oil used for formulating the varnish may be either a dry oil or a volatile oil. But gasoline does not work. It contains too much impurities. Usually used turpentine. In the varnish, the ratio of turpentine to resin is 2:1, and if these two things are to be used as a vehicle, the ratio should be 3:1. Mattiose and Dammail are two kinds of varnish for varnish. Resin.

Semi-gloss oil added with beeswax or silica (Sio2). Beeswax does not exceed 1/4.

Quick-drying oil

The method is to pour linseed oil or walnut oil into a shallow pan, cover the glass plate and expose it for three or five days.

Slow dry oil

When the clove oil is added to the coloring oil, the dryness can be slow, that is, the coloring oil that is dropped into the clove oil is the slow-drying oil.

Redraw Varnish

The ingredients contain natural resin and clove oil. If you do not interrupt painting in an emergency where you shouldn't interrupt it, you don't normally use it.

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