Wall Art Decoration Oil Painting

Wall Art Decoration Oil Painting

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Do you like this beautiful painting? If you think it's quality is good, I tell you why, because this one produced by our famous artist, however we have over 200 artists by full time job in RICHRAIN.

Realistic oil paintings, There is a red tablecloth on the table, a phoenix pattern on the tablecloth, a pattern of flowers, a cup on the table, the pattern on the porcelain cup is green, very beautiful, the vase is in the middle of the table, the blue and white background, the pattern of the peony Next to it is a fruit plate with oranges, pomegranates and grapes, and a few oranges scattered on the tablecloth.

Oil on canvas oil painting, packing is roll with tube normally.
This awesome abstract art decoration oil painting can be decorated for anywhere you want, like office, hall rooms, home etc.



When Velas, the second time he went to Italy in 1649, he completed a famous portrait of Pope Innocent X. The pope on the picture, despite the strong expression on his face, he placed Both hands on the chair are extraordinarily weak and weak. The painter cleverly grasps this.



The Tolstoy image of Kramskoy has a profound foundation of the people. The portrait preserves the image of the "great lion" for future generations in a very faithful and extremely simple way.

RR 39 Oil Painting.jpg It produced by Dafen famous artists, 100% hand painted.
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