Flowers Painting For Wall Decoration

Flowers Painting For Wall Decoration

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Handmade oil painting, A long time ago in abroad, private customization of oil painting has become very popular. However, it has become popular in China because the color of oil paints is very stable and can remain unchanged for thousands of years under normal circumstances.

We have experienced painters and artists who will create the oil paintings you want according to your requirements. Contact us


MOQ: 1pc


Load Port: Shenzhen

Size: 50x60cm, 60x80cm, 80x90cm, 90x100cm, 100x120cm,

PackageCanvas printing  only , wrapped with bubble film,then rolled in the tube.  


 What is your trade assurance?
A: 100% product quality protection
100% product on time shipment protection
100% payment protection for your covered amount.


Titanium is easy to return; lead is afraid of oil; zinc will turn yellow in time. The reason why lead is so afraid of oil is that mild chemical reactions occur. Lead white is suitable for use in Dan Petra.

Lithopone is zinc white, the composition of zinc sulfide and antimony sulfide. Brush base is much more absorbent base; less is a neutral base; a little lithopone is not used, only with plastic or oily base, that is, non-absorbent base. The least oil-absorbing oily base is made of oily base material, which can make the picture appear a good layered feeling.

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