Handmade Flowers Oil Painting For Decoration

Handmade Flowers Oil Painting For Decoration

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Handmade oil painting,  

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Material: canvas 
Shape: horizontal panoramic 
Craft: oil painting 
Form: one panel 
Painting: include inner frame 
Subjects: landscape 
Style: plant 
Suitable space: living room, bedroom,dining room, office, hotel, cafes, kids room, kid's room, study room/office, boys room, girls room, game room


Rembrandt's technique: the first step, a gray background; the second step, a dazzling painting of a monochrome background layer; the third step, using a glue white (white with a small amount of water and a little modulation of Dan Pelera) The color layer, mainly on the original basis of the original painting highlights, to increase the contrast between light and dark, note that this "glue" dry faster. The fourth step is to cover the color with a medium oil to partially cover the ground color layer.

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