Home Decoration Oil Painting Flower

Home Decoration Oil Painting Flower

RR-SL-171: Still life Oil Painting, Decoration Wall Oil paintings, reproduction oil painting, Ceramic Pot still life oil painting, Ceramic Oil Painting, impressionist home decoration oil painting, modern still life oil painting, still life oil painting

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Still life oil painting, Canvas Oil painting, the whole tone of the painting is dark and blue but alive. This is a corner of the garden, sames a vintage manor, there are many big lush trees, and a fountain on the water pool, by the side of the pool , there a chair with a vase, and many beautiful flowers in the vase, red color, pink ,white and yellow, looks very nice, details are deal well, wonderful painting.


Lead-free oil paint is the regular material we paint by,

Follwing the requests, we use also acrylic to dry fast

(15-45 minutes)

If you prefer to use oil paint only and willing to wait little bit more days, please let me know.

Handmade100% Hand-painted
Lead TimeDepends on your order
SampleWe can supply samples, not free



1) Can this kind of painting be for home decoration?

--Yes, of course.for Living room,dinning room,bedroom,children room,study,recreation room and so on.

2) Can you send us a basic quotation sheet for basic styles of paintings?

--Yes, just send us your requires, we will email you within one day.


We offer stable quality perfect production and service system and world-class artist to you, worldwide shipping available.

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