Home Wall Decoration Oil Painting Street

Home Wall Decoration Oil Painting Street

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Handmade Abstract Group Oil Painting On Canvas, In the streets of the town, there are small shops at the corners, flowers are on the doorsteps, and people who come and go are very lively. The building is a bit old and can be seen this is a very friendly town.

Many people like oil painting , the meaning is so far-reaching and special. There are many early works that are very historical and immeasurable economic value. Because they symbolize the enormous heritage of family culture.

 Photorealism is the move of life in a photographic format, such as Clos's "John". It draws a work to be photographed or a slide, and then finely enlarges it to ten times the proportion of the real person to the cloth. The details of the object are displayed more delicately and vividly, such as each texture of the face and Each hair and so on.

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