Postman Lu Lan

Postman Lu Lan

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      This classic oil painting "mailman Lu Lan" depicts a bust. The figures in the costume are wearing a blue costume and wearing a hat with "POSTES" D on their heads. From this we should know that his career should be Is a postman, behind him is a green background, the background painted a lot of white, red and blue flowers, looks very beautiful. The postman in the classical oil painting "mailman Lu Lan" is very atmospheric.

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       "Lan Postman" was created by the Dutch post-impressionist painter, the founder of the Fauvism and the main representative Vincent William Van Gogh in April 1889. The specification is 65.0 x 54.0 cm. The National Museum of Crowe-Miller. In fact, in the "Famous Painting City", there are various styles, various sizes of simulation oil paintings, hotel decoration paintings, home decoration paintings, we have the most complete hotel decoration paintings, zenith paintings and other varieties, and the price of these artificial oil paintings and decorative paintings. Fair, high quality, famous painting city has been engaged in this kind of high-definition simulation oil painting for many years. The name of the painting is Lulan, and Van Gogh painted several portraits for him. However, Van Gogh's portrait paintings for Lu Lan had at least five busts depicting the characters from the perspective of male parents. But in these portraits Van Gogh combined the image of the Republican officials and the fatherly father. The close-up footage hints at the painter's close relationship with the object being painted, but despite this, Lu Lan still looks imposing - that thick bearded man is curled into two strands, which is gracefully down to the uniform. The first of these portraits uses a single bright blue (F433), and three are particularly impressive (F435, F436, F439) because of the lower position of Lulin on the screen, highlighting A background of red and green colors dotted with dahlia. This kind of composition is full of unleashed vitality. It is like an irregular wallpaper pattern. It is even ridiculous for a person who has a parental style, but it is Lulin, a father, created the atmosphere of family life.

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