Room Wall Decoration Oil Painting

Room Wall Decoration Oil Painting

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Still life oil painting

When many painters began to paint, they did not draw a preliminary sketch, but performed it freely, placing the hue relatively to each other and spreading it roughly so as to obtain a certain picture effect, and then balance the color shades of the whole picture. When painting, in addition to the direct overall effect, nothing is taken into consideration. All the details should be omitted. Only when the overall effect has been obtained, can the details be added with restraint. These details cannot improve overall impressions, but are minor modifications that may be effective only in the right places, but if they interfere with large color relationships, they will completely destroy the picture. When you have absolute certainty about the technique of completing a drawing, you can draw sketches on a very shallow basis, and then pay attention to the relationship between light and dark and quickly complete the painting.

MOQ: 1pc


Load Port: Shenzhen

Size: 50x60cm, 60x80cm, 80x90cm, 90x100cm, 100x120cm,

Package:Canvas printing  only , wrapped with bubble film,then rolled in the tube.  

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