Still Life Oil Painting Lemons

Still Life Oil Painting Lemons

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Item No.: RR-SL-143

Still life oil painting, the real thing in the oil painting is the green desktop, there is a pure white porcelain plate on the tabletop, there are 5 lemons in the plate, the shape of the lemon is different, there are two lemons on the outside of the plate, the color is a bit different There is also a white transparent glass on the table. The background is a red striped cloth background. It simply outlines the characteristics of the object, especially the transparent glass and the shadow of the background cloth.

Package: Canvas printing only , wrapped with bubble film,then rolled in the tube


1. Living room,dinning room,bedroom,children room,study,recreation room, etc.

2. Hotels,restaurant,department stores,shopping malls,exhibition halls etc.

1) Can you send us a basic quotation sheet for basic styles of paintings?

--Yes, please just inquiry us, email will be send once we get your message.

2) If we come to China, is that possible to meet your painter

--Sure, welcome to China, and we are very happy to Introduce our artists to you, we are in Shenzhen city, just let us know once you come to China

3) Can you introduce something about your company here?

--Sure, our company Richrain is a Chinese handmade oil painting manufacturer, located in Shenzhen, near HongKong city. Our office is in Dafen oil painting village, and we have over 200 artists who have been working in Richrain over a couple of years, some of them over 10 years.

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