Wall Decoration Oil Painting Black Jug

Wall Decoration Oil Painting Black Jug

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Still life oil painting. There is a wooden table in the painting. There is a white tablecloth on the table. There is a pear on the tablecloth. There is a black jug beside the pear. There are 2 pears placed next to the jug. The painter is hold the very angle of light is delicately depicted, and the objects in the painting are detailed.

Payment: Paypal, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

Shipment: DHL/EMS/UPS

Size : as your requires.

Oil painting features: waterproof, moisture-proof, no fading


ApplianceLiving room,dinning room,bedroom,children room,study,recreation room, etc.


100% handpainted impressionist dancing woman oil painting 

1. Gallery wrapped paintings are packed by carton box. 

2. Framed paintings are packed in MDF box or wood crates. 



Q:If order more, what's your best price? and quality can still be guaranteed?

A:Yes, price would be lower based on the quantity increase, as for the quality there is nothing relationship with quantity, it means no matter one piece or one million pieces our quality must be the same. 

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