China Wholesale Wall Decoration Art Oil Painting

China Wholesale Wall Decoration Art Oil Painting

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China Wholesale Wall Decoration Art Oil Painting


Item No.: RR-DE-77 Oil Painting 

Material: canvas oil painting

Size: 50x60cm, 60x80cm, 80x90cm, 90x100cm, 100x120cm ( which size suitable for you ?)

Shipping : Air Express such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS ( 3-7 days) 

          Bulk order: by sea


100% handpainted impressionist dancing woman oil painting 

1. Canvas paintings are rolled up and packed in strong tubes shipping. 

2. Gallery wrapped paintings are packed by carton box. 

3. Framed paintings are packed in MDF box or wood crates. 

4. CBM can be quickly calculated according to your purchase plan.



Chagall is a great painter of the 20th century. Jewish descent, born in Russia, and Chagall, born in France, not only pursues innocence, but also touches life, love and art.



"Prince Montparnasse" Modigliani lived only thirty-six years old. Born in the Jewish name of Rome, he pursued tribute to life and love throughout his life. The unique sensitivity and roots of Jewish influence and his artistic influence on his paintings and stone carvings.



Edgar Degas (1834-1917), born and died in Paris, is the son of the banker Auguste Degas. Like Manet, he was born of the big bourgeoisie, his strong interest in classicism. And the cautiousness of his behavior seems to be very close to the birth. Dega, who is lonely in life, and who is not good at dealing with people, is a combination of contradiction, indifference and ambiguity. In his art world, there is no pleasure and easygoing that Renoir emphasizes, nor Van Gogh's pity or self-destruction. With a cold and keen observation, he portrays the momentary impression of the character's movements and reveals a vivid charm.

RR-DE-77 Oil Painting