Figures Oil Painting

Figures Oil Painting

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    Figures oil painting. The figures in the paintings wearing red skirts. Behind them are flower walls and trunks. The colors of the paintings are bright and the eyes are firm.

     Oil painting figures have a long history. The Greek painter Apeles once painted many figures for the aristocrats of the time. The portraits of the “Female Artistsand the Bulocurius Couplesunearthed from the Roman Pompeii Old City were realistic in style, vivid in expression, and full of character's temperament. However, the heyday of the oil paintings of European figures was after the 15th century. The famous figure painters were: Da Vinci of Italy, Titian, Caravaggio, A. Dürer of Germany, H. Horbein of Spain, and D. of Spain. Vladimir Velga, Goya, Nederland, J. Van Eck, Flanders PP Rubens, Dutch Rembrandt, F. Hals, J. Vermeer, French J.-L. David, J.-A.-D. Ingel, W. Hogarth of England, J. Reynolds, T. Gainsborough, JS Shakin of the United States, and others. Among them, Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa vividly demonstrated the subtle psychological activities of the characters with excellent artistic techniques and became a masterpiece in portraiture.



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