Nude Group Oil Painting

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Nude Group Oil Painting


original famous oil painting from China, artists oil painting,
This amazing nude fairy tale family members oil painting is hand painted,  world famous masterpiece, we did a lot of this reproduction oil painting. 


Lead-free oil paint is the regular material we paint by,

Follwing the requests, we use also acrylic to dry fast

(15-45 minutes)

If you prefer to use oil paint only and willing to wait little bit more days, please let me know.

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Welcome regular customers to contacting us to build long term business relationship.
Payment: paypal, t/t.
Capacity: 1500-2000pcs per month
Paints painted by: famous artists from Chinese famous oil painting village Dafen China.
As one of the most professional manufactures in China, our service, price, quality are guaranteed.

1) How do you think about Chinese oil painting?

    For the reproductions oil painting, Chinese artists have very good experience, for the creations of artworks, they need more time to pursue advanced studies. 

2) Will you arrange for shipping?

    Yes, by express, boat, or air, up to you.

3)  How to control the quality of abroad buyer's products?

     First of all we will choose professional artist to paint the paintings, like the portrait artists, landscape artists, animal artists and flowers artists respectively. second, we have professional QC ( best artists) to check all the paintings before taking photos to send to buyer for approval, after approved we must put them away for drying. 

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