Decoration Oil Painting Sunflowers

Decoration Oil Painting Sunflowers

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Item No.: RR-SL-154

sunflowers oil paintings, Still life oil painting, sunflowers bloom well, yellow petals are very energetic, some petals have just opened, some have opened for a long time, a little lack of moisture. Next to the vase there is a jar, and a few fruits on the table. The background is the windowsill. The weather outside the window is very good.


Material: Print on pure cotton canvas, polyester canvas

Shipment: DHL/UPS/Fedex

Payment: TT/WU/Paypal

Size: AS customer requires.
Month capacity: depends on customers' quantity 

Advantages :

1.Our company has rich experience for working with famous companies

2.Fastest email respond

3. Small-quantity orders are accepted


1) Is That all handprint?

-- Yes, we are all 100% handprint

2) Where can we get more similar images for choosing?

--In addition to review on the website, please send us your email with your inquiry, we will send you more pictures.

3) How about other paintings like landscape, flowers etc? Is your company good at them?

--Yes, actually we are professional for almost all kinds of paintings handmade, both origins and reproductions. 

Customer service online, please just contact us!

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