Lady and Flowers Oil Painting

Lady and Flowers Oil Painting

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 landscape oil painting, figure oil painting, oil painting drawing, painting artwork,
High quality impressionist lady with flowers scenery wall decoration oil painting,
quotation can be sent to you anytime,

quality control: our professional artists approved based on double check, then send photo to buyer for approval,
You can pay by paypal, credit card, t/t etc.
Size: any size you want can be finished perfect, the price would be higher for size rise up.
Capacity: 10000-12000pcs per month (normal size & similar images).

Packaging :                             

1.wrapped by plastic film 

2.rolled up with a tube 

3.wrapped by hard paper 


Andrea Bodan

Born in 1895 in Menaci in the province of Oise, in the province of Oise, he studied at the Art Deco School from 1911 to 1915. He traveled to Italy in 1921. His greatest influence on his studies was his acquaintance with Juan Gris. In doubt, he admires and understands his teachings better than anyone else.


Eugene pudding

Born in Honfleur (1824-1898), he died in Deauville. Two-thirds of the picture is the sky, one-third is the sea surrounded by a small beach, and the beach is full of colorful women's dresses. This is the scene that came to the attention of people when they mentioned the name of Pudding.

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