Wild Nature Flowers Oil Painting

Wild Nature Flowers Oil Painting

RR-FL-079: flower oil painting, impressionist oil painting, realist oil painting, impressionist flower oil painting, floral oil painting, wild nature flowers oil painting, blossom oil painting, oil painting pictures, oil painting modern art, oil painting canvas art, classical flower oil...

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RR-FL-079:  flower oil painting,painting reproductions, original oil painting,
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Materials: oil, unstretched canvas, no frame,
Packing: roll with tube, covered by plastic paper, double safety during transportation.
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Andrei Wise is one of the greatest painters of the United States in the 20th century. He portrays the paintings of the natural characters of the American country, expresses the realistic and realistic style, expresses the communication and harmony between man and nature, and the simple theme, which causes people to miss the feelings of local and nature.



Renoir is a famous Impressionist painter. In his pursuit of light, his paintings combine the classical tradition with the Impressionist paintings with vivid and transparent colors. Whether it is a rich woman, a naive child, or a sun-bathing woman, under Renoir's brush, it is full of warm, vivid and charming dreamlike charm.

Andrea Bodan

Born in 1895 in Menaci in the province of Oise, in the province of Oise, he studied at the Art Deco School from 1911 to 1915. He traveled to Italy in 1921. His greatest influence on his studies was his acquaintance with Juan Gris. In doubt, he admires and understands his teachings better than anyone else.

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