Great Still Life Oil Painting Rich Life Flowers

Great Still Life Oil Painting Rich Life Flowers

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Decoration Still life oil painting, on the wooden desk there are many beautiful flowers, fresh flowers oil painting, rich flowers, white color, pink and red colors. Since the Tang Dynasty, its magnificent blossoms have symbolized the auspiciousness, riches and honour of China. Therefore, it has been deeply beloved by Chinese people.Rose symbolizes love and sincere love, red roses represent passionate love, yellow roses represent precious blessings and loveliness, purple roses represent romantic truth and preciousness, white roses represent pure love, black roses represent tenderness, orange roses represent friendship and Youthful and beautiful, blue roses represent kindness and uniqueness, pink roses represent first love, pale green roses represent youth resident, champagne rose language: I only love you .


Lead-free oil paint is the regular material we paint by, Following the requests, we use also acrylic to dry fast (15-45 minutes) If you prefer to use oil paint only and willing to wait little bit more days, please let me know.


Q: We need sample to test, how to arrange the sample before order?

A: Yes, we offer sample to test, please contact us about your requires, and sample will be print as your requires, during the printing, we will take picture to you to confirm, after sample test ,checked, welcome order.

Q: Are you factory?                                                                                   

A: Yes, we are 10 years of factory, we have very rich experience in production and development. you will got better service and delivery on time.

Q: How many workers do you have now?                                              

A:We have 300 employees.


Welcome regular customers to contacting us to build long term business relationship

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