Home Decoration Oil Painting Lotus

Home Decoration Oil Painting Lotus

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Imagery oil painting is an emerging word in recent years. It uses the material of oil painting to freely depict a certain kind of emotion in the heart of people, color, landscape, and emotion. He subverts the traditional oil painting process and is closer to the noumenon of art.

Imagery oil painting allows more people to enter the highest realm of oil painting - creation. It also made more people enter the realm of appreciation of oil painting. His appearance has greatly opened the vertical and horizontal aspect of the arts, and also prospered the current art market and people's livelihood.

The occurrence and evolution of imagery oil paintings is a sudden change in the gene of world art history. It is the expression of Chinese traditional philosophy and aesthetic spirit through the artistic expression language of oil painting. It is not only a subjective spiritual experience, but also includes the performance of objects. Imagery oil painting vividly expresses the characteristics of the blending of imagery and oil paintings. It is the international cultural identity formed by the Chinese dialectical natural imagery's way of thinking and the conversion of narrative experience projection into the aesthetic structure of oil painting language.Inquiry us , the first step to start the cooperation!!



Q: What's the biggest size I can order?

A: We can accept any size you want, our largest paintings are 3m(H) by 100m(L).

Q: What's the best way to contact you?

A: You can contact us by phone,fax,letter, email , just inquiry us via the web, will reply you as soon as possible

Q: If order more, what's your best price? and quality can still be guaranteed?

A: Yes, price would be lower based on the quantity increase, as for the quality there is nothing relationship with quantity, it means no matter one piece or one million pieces our quality must be the same. 

Q:Do you give any discount?   

A: I'll surely try my best to help you get those by the best price and good service at the same time.

Q: What’s your leading time?

A: The leading time usually will be 3-4 weeks, which depends on the total quantity and if there has special requirement or not.


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