Home Decoration Still Life Oil Painting Rich Life Flowers

Home Decoration Still Life Oil Painting Rich Life Flowers

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Still life oil painting, a white glass with same pink flowers, looks fresh and lovely, and some fruits on the desk. We can know the full love from the artist.

The spirit of peony: People not only love her beautiful, but also admire her proud spirit of braving power. She has an upright character, although elegant, rich but not arrogant, and she is in adversity but actively tenacious peony. Spirit, the stubborn vitality placed in the dead and alive, in China it symbolizes wealth and good fortune, and proudly stands upright personality.

Peony enjoys a high status among all the flowers in our country. They are generally described as elegant, unique, and unique. Until they are crowned with the highest title of "Tianxiang Tianxiang" and "King of Flowers", they are the ultimate winners.

Since the Tang Dynasty, its magnificent blossoms have symbolized the auspiciousness, riches and honour of China. Therefore, it has been deeply beloved by Chinese people. Because of its beauty, magnificence and elegance, peony has become one of the essential themes of traditional Chinese painting. In Chinese culture, people believe peony symbolizes beauty and happiness.


Rolled (canvas only)

1.wrapped by plastic film 

2.rolled up with a tube 

3.wrapped by hard paper 


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A: Yes, we are 10 years of factory, we have very rich experience in production and development. you will got better service and delivery on time.

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A:We have 300 employees.                                                              


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