Hotel Decoration Oil Painting Flowers

Hotel Decoration Oil Painting Flowers

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Fauvism - The Fauvism expresses its inner passion with exaggerated shapes, intense colors, and bold lines. Matisse is the founder of this school.

Cubism - Cubism school of painting, the point of view of the picture is no longer a position, but a comprehensive expression of things, so that the object is reduced to a geometric shape. His founders were the Spanish painter Picasso and the French painter Braque.

Futurism - Futurist painters use color and lines to express movement speed, strength and their combination and separation in an abstract form.

Abstraction - abstraction is a combination of lines, blocks, faces, and colors, abstracted by abstract images, representing painter Minderel.

Dadaism - Dadaism has a certain influence on later surrealism, activity sculpture, pop art, and postmodernism.


Color: Customized

Size: Customized

Handmade: 100% Hand-painted

Package: Canvas stretcher bar: Wrapped with bubble bag and packed in a strong carton.



Who are your artist?

--Our artists have, on average, 15 years of experience and they all have advanced degrees in fine arts.

As we have a large team of artists, we employ specialists in certain disciplines and styles.

What do I pay for shipping?

--We only use reputable carriers like EMS, Fedex, DHL or UPS.

We ship unframed paintings in a pretective hard plastic tube.

Since painting charge freight, does that cover customs or taxes?