Hotel Decoration Oil Painting

Hotel Decoration Oil Painting

RR-FL-183: Still life Oil Painting, Decoration Wall Oil paintings, countryside oil painting, flowers still life oil painting, flowers Oil Painting, impressionist home decoration oil painting, modern still life oil painting, still life oil painting

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Futurism - Futurist painters use color and lines to express movement speed, strength and their combination and separation in an abstract form.

Abstraction - abstraction is a combination of lines, blocks, faces, and colors, abstracted by abstract images, representing painter Minderel.

Dadaism - Dadaism has a certain influence on later surrealism, activity sculpture, pop art, and postmodernism.

Surrealism - The Surrealist School is influenced by Bergman's intuitionism and Freud's subconscious theory, and advocates the expression of human subconsciousness and dreams. Representative painters include Spanish painters Dali and Miro.

Size: any size you want can be finished perfect, the price would be higher for size rise up.


Q2:Do you offer dropship service?

A2: Yes. We can send the goods directly to your end customers.

Q3: What is your MOQ?

A3: There is not strict limitation on MOQ. But buying more pcs canvas art will be more economical than 1 pcs.

Q4:How does your factory do regarding quality control?  

A4: A special QC team to inspect the quality of each painting /print process.

Q5:Do you take photos of finished prints/paintings for approval when necessary?

A5: Yes, finished prints/paintings photo can be took for your approval.