Hotel Wall Decoration Oil Painting Pink Flowers

Hotel Wall Decoration Oil Painting Pink Flowers

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The Rockcock--"Rocker" was originally intended to refer to the shape of shells. Its artistic style was cumbersome, delicate, delicate, and sweet. It was popular in the 18th century. Its representative painters were Hua Duo and Franco Boo.

Classicism and academicism - Classicism is based on respecting the aesthetic principles of ancient Greece and Rome. It is symmetric and balanced in composition, imposing, imposing, splendid, and lofty in its momentum, exquisite in technique, and deep in depiction. This is also the principle of academicism. Just as the school founder, Facinho, said that "beauty is the highest goal of all works of art, it is an objective nature of things, composed of order, harmony, proportion, and rules." Its representative writers include Raphael, Ingel and others.

Romanticism—Romanticism originated in France in the early 19th century. Its masterpiece is Rico's "The Medusa's Skull," in which composition, light, color, dynamics, and expression all express the artist's rich imagination. It broke the level and verticality in the composition of classicalism. The softness and evenness of light made the picture produce a passion. This is also an important element of romanticism painting, focusing on the expression and expression of emotions.


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