Living Room Decoration Oil Painting

Living Room Decoration Oil Painting

RR-FL-162: Still life Oil Painting, Decoration Wall Oil paintings, countryside oil painting, flowers still life oil painting, flowers Oil Painting, impressionist home decoration oil painting, modern still life oil painting, still life oil painting

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Wall decoration oil painting,The intrinsic here does not mean what is contained in the object. It is precisely what is excluded from the object and what is seen outside the object. What the painting contains is not related to what the painter is trying to say. To break our usual way of reading painting. We usually read paintings first to identify the image, and when we look at abstract painting today, we just want to rule out the interference of objects. The object image is interference, not something that helps us to understand the thoughts of the works, and should not be confused by appearances. 



 Living room,dinning room,bedroom,children room,study,recreation room, Hotels,restaurant,department stores,shopping malls,exhibition halls Hall, lobby, office,goverment agencies,etc

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