New Still Life Oil Painting Fresh Fruits

New Still Life Oil Painting Fresh Fruits

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     In China, the painting market is roughly divided into three categories: Chinese painting, Western painting and folk painting.

Chinese painting emphasizes charm, charm, and brushstrokes, while Western paintings do not.

Western paintings include oil paintings, wood engravings, copper plates, drawings, watercolors, gouache, and other types of paintings. Among them, oil paintings are the most expressive, practical and decorative types of painting.

    Western oil painting was introduced into China for only three hundred years, but it has been widely used in people's social life, but it was only the beginning of the last century. After the reform and opening up, all kinds of styles and styles of oil painting have a place.

The creation of oil paintings can be divided into theme paintings, genre paintings, landscape paintings, portraits and still life paintings. However, regardless of the subject matter, works mainly rely on the two elements of shape and color. In other words, oil painting uses the three expressions of form, light and color.


1,If we come to China, is that possible to meet your painter?

    Sure, welcome to China, and we are very happy to Introduce our artists to you, we are in Shenzhen city, just let us know once you come to China

2, Can you send us a basic quotation sheet for basic styles of paintings? 

    Yes, just send us your inquiry, we will send you within 24hours.  

3, Will your artist sign the painting?

   Not, most of our painting didn't sign, but if you need, we will sign as you wish

4, Can we just place a trial order with a few pieces of paintings?

   Yes, we can support you .

Any questions, please just inquiry us, it's our honor to provide any service to you, reply will be send within 24hours!!!

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