Realist Home Decoration Still Life Oil Painting Flowers

Realist Home Decoration Still Life Oil Painting Flowers

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Decoration Still life oil painting, on the wooden desk there are many beautiful flowers, fresh flowers oil painting, rich flowers, white and pink flowers, also some fresh fruits in the plate on the table, a dark red tablecloth put on the table.


The peony is native to the northwestern parts of China, and is mostly wild in the Qinling Mountains and northern Shaanxi. In our country, cultivation has a long history. When the Northern and Southern Dynasties became the ornamental plants. Tang Shisheng was planted in Chang'an. Song said that Luoyang was the first place in the world for peony. Therefore, peony was also named Luoyang.


Q: We need sample to test, how to arrange the sample before order?

A: Yes, we offer sample to test, please contact us about your requires, and sample will be print as your requires, during the printing, we will take picture to you to confirm, after sample test ,checked, welcome order.

Q: Are you factory?                                                                                   

A: Yes, we are 10 years of factory, we have very rich experience in production and development. you will got better service and delivery on time.

Q: How many workers do you have now?                                              

A:We have 300 employees.



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