Spring Is Coming Still Life Oil Painting

Spring Is Coming Still Life Oil Painting

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The oil painting of the farmhouse, the morning sun is just right, three kittens, white hair, very cute, there is a female cat slept in the chair, the windows are open, there are various flowers next to the country road outside the door, each There are flowers of all colors that decorate the path and the breath of spring comes.


In the back garden in spring, there is a long seat in the yard, a lady's sun straw hat on the chair, a variety of flowers in the garden, lily, morning glory, purple hydrangea, sun flower, and a white single person. Chair, a flower basket on the stone board, the flowers in the basket just picked, fresh, is the home of a very tasteful hostess.


The corner of the room, the table on the white tablecloths, the white curtains, the table with flowers and fruits, white, pale yellow flowers There are apple pears and cherries in the white porcelain plate, next to two beautiful porcelain.


Oil paper is made by sticking a layer of burlap on the surface of cardboard, and its thickness is generally 4 to 6 mm. The oil paintings sold on the market are generally diluted with latex before use to avoid oil absorption. Oil painting paper is mostly used for sketching, making color drafts, and emergency sketch lessons. European painters such as Jorge Behring, Rembrandt, Delacroix, and other painters all left paper paintings, but the oil paintings used at that time were made of rags, unlike today’s papers. Made of pulp, some paper paintings are affixed to wood or cloth.

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