Still Life Oil Painting Flowers Abstract Painting

Still Life Oil Painting Flowers Abstract Painting

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Still life oil painting, How to appreciate abstract paintings has always plagued most people. In fact, it is not difficult to understand abstract paintings. It is even simpler and more direct than figurative painting (ie, realistic painting). Appreciating a painting works has two levels, one is the surface, the level of the content; the other is the internal, formal level. What we see in a picture depends on what we use and what we think. In a snowy winter, the Russian painter Repin and his friends walked in the yard. The fields were covered in snow. Friends saw a beach of yellow dog urine on the side of the road. He felt that it was too indecent and he used boots to pick. Snow covered the dog's urine, and when Rebine turned to see it, he accused the friend: "I come here every day to appreciate this beautiful amber, and you destroy it." When Repin observed things, he formally used his unique vision as an artist to penetrate the appearance of things to appreciate the connotations of his beauty.


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What's the biggest size I can order?

--We can accept any size you want, our largest paintings are 3m(H) by 100m(L).

What's the best way to contact you?

--You can contact us by phone,fax,letter, email , just inquiry us via the web, will reply you as soon as possible

If order more, what's your best price? and quality can still be guaranteed?

--Yes, price would be lower based on the quantity increase, as for the quality there is nothing relationship with quantity, it means no matter one piece or one million pieces our quality must be the same. 

Can this kind of painting be for home decoration?

--Yes, of course.


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