Still Life Oil Painting Peaches And Flower

Still Life Oil Painting Peaches And Flower

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Still life oil paintings, white tablecloths on the table, peaches and fruit bowls on the tablecloths, white vases, red flowers, and a golden basin. The shape and color of the peach are different, and the artist portrays it very well. To admire Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper", most people would think of the story in the Bible. But in fact there are many people who paint this story. Why is this picture of Leonardo da Vinci so prominent? What kind of painting technique is used behind the story shown in this piece of work? If you don’t understand it, you don’t really understand this piece.


Load PortShenzhen
Container QuantityNormal Size : 450-500sets per 20feet container, 900-1000 sets per 40 feet container
Bulk Lead TimeDepends on your order 


If order more, what's your best price? and quality can still be guaranteed?

--Yes, price would be lower based on the quantity increase, as for the quality there is nothing relationship with quantity, it means no matter one piece or one million pieces our quality must be the same. 

Can this kind of painting be for home decoration?

--Yes, of course.

What’s your leading time?

--The leading time usually will be 3-4 weeks, which depends on the total quantity and if there has special requirement or not.

Can we get support if we have our own market position?

--Please inform us your detailed market demand,we will discuss and propose helpful suggestion for you,to find the best solution for you.