Still Life Oil Painting Red Yellow Flower

Still Life Oil Painting Red Yellow Flower

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Still life oil painting, flowers oil painting, festive oil painting,

Different flowers have different painting styles, and flowers in different growing seasons and different lighting scenes will have different painting skills. However, the general method of flower oil painting is:

After a good general outline, apply a dark background and leave the flowers. The main reason is to form a contrasting color.

Then according to the hemispherical structure received light, backlight color transformation laws, the general demarcation of the total decentralized relationship.

The flowers should reflect the background of the flowers and fully reflect the transparency of the flowers.

When painting a flower oil painting, it is necessary to grasp several typical petals that have a decisive role in expressing volume and dynamics, so that the basic shape and form can be drawn more accurately and surely, and the general petals need not be described one by one.

Finally, we need to adjust the overall relationship of the flower paintings to further enrich the physical structure and color changes of the bright, gray, and dark parts, and then paint the details of the key petals to make the picture more perfect or even perfect.


What's the biggest size I can order?

--We can accept any size you want, our largest paintings are 3m(H) by 100m(L).

What's the best way to contact you?

--You can contact us by phone,fax,letter, email , just inquiry us via the web, will reply you as soon as possible

If order more, what's your best price? and quality can still be guaranteed?

--Yes, price would be lower based on the quantity increase, as for the quality there is nothing relationship with quantity, it means no matter one piece or one million pieces our quality must be the same. 

Can this kind of painting be for home decoration?

--Yes, of course.

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