Still Life Oil Painting Rich Life Chrysanthemum

Still Life Oil Painting Rich Life Chrysanthemum

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Decoration Still life oil painting, on the there are difference colors of flowers in the oil painting, many kinds of flowers, white, yellow, red and pink flowers, makes the whole painting lovely and lifelike, background is dark wall paper , two banana and three apples on the plate, white Chinese vase on the desk.

People not only like the beauty of chrysanthemum, but also like the spirit of not afraid of cold. In the fall, other flowers faded, but the chrysanthemum bloomed vigorously, and in the chilly and bitter autumn winds, he stood up and challenged the autumn wind.


Lead-free oil paint is the regular material we paint by, Follwing the requests, we use also acrylic to dry fast (15-45 minutes) If you prefer to use oil paint only and willing to wait little bit more days, please let me know.


Q:Sample is ok ? Free? Do customers have to pay sample shipping?

A:Of course, sample is fine with us, Gernally, sample & sample shipping fees will charge on you. If you are a wholesalecustomer on oil painting, we have different options if you wish to buy in bulk .

Q: How many workers do you have now?                                              

A:We have 300 employees.

Q: How is your delivery time?                                                                         

Welcome regular customers to contacting us to build long term business relationship

Q: What about your pre-sale service and post-sale service?

A: For pre-sale service: We have a professional sales team and a 12 years technical team who are willing to answer your question 24/7. We can offer a whole complete solution for your project!

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