Charm of Oil Painting

- May 15, 2018 -

                                                                    Charm of Oil Painting

The greatest charm of oil paintings lies in four points: 1, shape 2, light 3, color 4, brushstrokes, and styling are paintings [I refer to figurative paintings, which do not refer to the foundation of abstract paintings, and sketches are the basis of paintings, popular The image of the painting is not like that.

Painting often uses light to express three-dimensional and spatial sense. Oil painting is the best at expressing realism.

The color is the most outstanding department of oil painting, can not touch you, mainly rely on the charm of color! If an oil painting is monotonous, the charm is much worse. The brushstrokes are traces of the painter's mind on the canvas, either bold or exquisite; or calm or intense, reflecting the artist's feelings and mood. So if you can't find a stroke on a picture, then the picture may not be a good picture. What is the difference between it and the camera? Isn't it better that we use cameras now?

Painting is a visual art. In addition to seeing what it means by painting, it is mainly to appreciate the styling, color, light, atmosphere, mood in the painting, and the demeanor, expression, and temperament of the figure. Otherwise you can't have fun and enjoyment.

Oil painters also use various brushstrokes, scrapers [oil painting knives] and the thinness of oil to create textures that are hard, soft, rough, fine, and so on. Therefore, the surface of oil paintings is often uneven. Because oil paints were painted with oil paintbrushes, a thick and varied color paste was created. This color paste followed the artist's hand to create a color paste. Appreciating the insider is to appreciate this "color paste beauty". The layman just cannot understand why the painting is so uneven. Therefore, the oil painting must look far behind.


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