Drafting tools for oil painting

- May 15, 2017 -

(1) Charcoal bar. Carbon and charcoal are suitable for sketching on canvas or plank, the performance of charcoal strips is better, because it is lighter, easier to erase, more flexible to use, carbon can leave very heavy lines, make contour line more clear.

(2) Charcoal. The line is finer, more suitable for drawing detail, some people do not advocate using a pencil, think letterpress will be from the oil painting layer pan up.

(3) Color chalk and crayon. It is not easy to use too much on the canvas to avoid using white or light color, so that excessive use of chalk or crayons in this sketch will destabilize the foundation.

(4) Watercolor and acrylic color. A very thin watercolor does not have any effect on the color of the canvas. To be thick, use acrylic color.

(5) Ink. The use of Chinese painting and calligraphy, is very interesting, ink can be covered with oil painting, can also be retained, it will not easily be turpentine wash off.

(6) Carbon paper. Can copy the sketch paper on the canvas, in the sketch stage, hairspray, glue liquid, such as fixed fluid is indispensable, for easy to fall off or the color of the material is necessary to spray a layer of fixed liquid, in addition, a variety of rubber, dishcloth and so is also necessary.

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