Historical sources of oil painting

- Jan 09, 2017 -

Oil painting is the predecessor of the European painting in the 15th century before the egg color painting, after the Yang Fan Aick painter, (1385-1441) to improve the painting materials, such as to carry forward, later generations due to the Yang Fan Aick of oil painting art skills in-depth development made unique contribution, reputation as "the father of oil painting."

The modern oil painting uses the flax oil to harmonize the pigment, paints on the treated cloth or the plank, because the oil painting color does not change color after dry, the many kinds of colors harmony does not become dirty, the painter may draw the rich, the vivid color. Oil painting pigment opaque, strong coverage, so the painting can be a shallow, layer-by-cover, so that the painting produces three-dimensional.

Oil painting has gradually become the main painting way in the history of Western painting, the western paintings of the world are mainly oil paintings, with the development of time, the painting gradually living, the most famous is the "Mona Lisa" performance of an ordinary woman and widely circulated, in the late 19th century, due to scientific and technological development, many new materials used in the field of oil painting, such as acrylic paint, paint, etc.

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