How to Check the Quality of the Oil Painting

- May 04, 2018 -

How to Check the Quality of the Oil Painting

  We have 6 steps to check the quality of oil painting 

1, take a look at the wood used for the picture frame and workmanship. If it is too rough, the picture frame will be easily deformed, which will cause the picture pigments to have different tensile forces and cracks.

2. Check whether the nails and nails that are connected between the canvas and the picture frame are even and the angles are the same. General requirements 45-degree angle, and some use 180-degree angle, but no matter how the degree must be averaged. It also involves painting the Brahley problem.

3, see the end of material is not coated. The bottom material is usually animal glue or chemical glue, white latex, is a protective coating applied to the canvas. If you have the side of the frame, you can see if it is done.

4. When you see a non-painting oil painting, you can see the painting from the backlight and see if it will transmit light. Because the primer is applied to the cloth, it will cover the hole above. If too many holes transmit light, it is not good. If you fill it, the more realistic it is, the better. In addition, if the bottom material seeps through these gauze eyes, it is not good.

5, look at the latitude of the latitude and longitude straight straight. Whether the force will be uneven and produce wavy lines.

6. There is no coating on the observation and there is no protective layer. In general, it takes painting dryness to polish the paint, and the picture needs to dry for half a year to a year.


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