How to collect and store handmade oil paintings?

- Jan 22, 2018 -

                How to collect and store handmade oil paintings?


Painting collector fans must know” the secret of how to collect and store paintings”, if they come into contact with favorite paints, then it’s a piece of cake to keep them well as personal treasures. Hereinafter, shares you some ways of how to collect all kinds of handmade oil paintings like portrait oil painting, landscape oil painting and still life oil painting etc.


1、  First of all, we need to double check the oils and canvas quality, to see if they are suitable for long time keeping, at the same time, the frame quality is also very important, if it is easy to be out of the shape collecting would be a problem no matter how you take care of them;

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2The keeping environment of paintings should be in proper temperature and humidity. They can not bear any damp and sun blazing. The best environment humidity should be 50%-60%, environment temperature should be 18-22 degree centigrade. In addition, strong ultraviolet ray also hurts for the paintings. So usually keeping them with ventilated and dry becomes necessary.

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3It’s easy to be affected with damp for the back of canvas, so please do “varnish coating” work each a couple of years.

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  4Periodic treatment for the floating dust is a must for keeping oil paintings well.

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5When roll the paintings up please keep the back of the paintings in inside, and the pictures keep in outside, while putting something on top of face like transparent film. 

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