Romantic love in paintings - Love is passion and loyal

- Jan 12, 2018 -

Romantic love in paintings

The classical love depicts by French writer Dumas:For love people can pay out their lives without hesitation, but not reply to love itself. Love can’t be destroyed by time, farewell and disappointment.

Love is passion and loyal.

Romeo and Juliet


This masterpiece oil painting created by Frank Dieksee, famous England artist. Dieksee selected as the dean of England Royal Academy in 1924, in 1925 awarded as Royal nobility title. The theme for most of his artworks comes into dramatic history and legendary story, and be famous due to his painting style of perfect manifestation for elegant fashion woman.

Romeo and Juliet exhibited in England Southampton City Art Museum today, in which shows Romeo and Juliet, the tragedy lovers’ rush kiss before wedding night bid farewellhowever, both of them have no any idea that kiss is the totally last one for their love. Colors for this painting are beautiful and satiation, expressions are remarkable, profound paint with the sweet and emotional attachment between them, the lovers who are going to be with bid farewell, is right there. A comment from England media: “ now there is no real romantic love, but we all have a intention of pursuing for romantic”. “The atmosphere from the painting makes people have a feeling of approached death, but love never fade away”, indicated by art critic. People like this kind of artwork, till now it still moves the public, which means “passion and loyal” exists in human beings without change.

It is said that this painting was looked as ”the most romantic artwork” in 71% British hearts so far.

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