The development history and art value for landscape oil painting

- Jan 24, 2018 -

As a unique style, landscape oil painting created by Holland artists in 17 century. Before that, figure portrait taken into the paintings for the back ground scenery was the main practice.

The development of landscape oil painting went through generally by classical, realism, impressionism, post-impressionism and modern symbolic landscape etc. Still life oil painting made mostly by home tools, flowers, fruits, foods and kills etc. Artists express feeling through objects, reflect vitality and the characteristics of times by portraying the still life.


How to get the sense of beauty for the texture of paintings?

1) The beauty of chromatograph: this beauty points the paints painted time after time, which creates a composite levels beauty because of interaction between the transparent characteristics and opacitas characteristics, they are inherent order and norm for the paintings;

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2) The beauty of texture: this beauty generated by the special stuffs of oil painting appears three-dimensional grain which sticks out the face of painting, shows the pigment stacking due to thickness during wield the pen. There must be having what kind of skin texture because of what kind of execution and mould. So skin texture is a must for oil paintings.

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How to get the aesthetic value of paintings?

1) Reappear nature beauty of painting: The ability of reappear nature is impeccable little by little along with human beings civilization and technology development. With the birth of oil painting reappear nature advanced a stride from its depth in the whole history of painting;

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2) Ideal beauty, modality beauty: The beauideal in the art is beauty which conforms to people’s subjective wishes established by specifying and purifying for natural beauty.

The latest development of oil painting is mainly to explore formal beauty as the aim, and the improvement of painting techniques takes colorful of formal revolution into oil painting, which makes the oil painting artworks came out brilliant and varied. 

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