Theme of Decorative oil painting

- Apr 28, 2018 -

Decoration oil painting is one of the most noble styles in decorative painting. It is purely hand-made, and can be copied or created according to the needs of consumers. The style is unique. The most popular oil painting themes on the market today are landscapes, people, and still life.

The theme and content of landscape decorative painting are very extensive. In nature, the images that people touch and observe, their forms, their colors, and the many unpredictable phenomena that nature itself produces can be expressed in decorative painting. Such as flowing water, lightning, long river sunset, desert solitary smoke, ancient temples, bridges, water, birds and animals, birds, flowers, birds, insects, spring, summer, autumn, winter, customs, etc., are the environmental conditions people cultivate sentiment, self-cultivation. Then the inner feelings are expressed in visual form to seek the combination of natural beauty and artificial beauty.

Landscape decorative painting has its own rules of creation. First of all, there must be a loving heart for the scenery. On the one hand, it captures the styling features of scenes through sketches and collects a large amount of materials. On the other hand, it uses the learned aesthetic knowledge and decorative methods to process and summarize the collected materials.


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