Original Oil Painting

Original Oil Painting

We have experienced painters and artists who will create the oil paintings you want according to your requirements. Contact us.

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Realist Oil Painting


 We are factory of oil painting in China, abstract art paintings,   original oil paintings, modern art paintings, and so on. looking forward cooperation all over the world, please contact us if you are interested in us or our oil painting.


Richrain Arts Painting provides private customized services for oil paintings. Our artists are mostly young and powerful. Their works have much room for appreciation. Private custom materials can be selected from your usual family portraits, wedding photos, and children. Photographs, portraits, old photos, beloved pets, beautiful scenery photos and unforgettable moments in mind, etc. Use your own private oil paintings in the form of oil paintings.



World famous oil painting artist


Picasso, the Spanish, has extraordinary artistic talent since childhood. His father is an art teacher, and he has received relatively rigorous painting training at the Academy of Fine Arts. He has a solid styling ability. His paintings and styles have changed in his life. For such a period: "Blue period" "Rose red period" "Black period".


Gauguin was one of the three great masters of the late Impressionist school in France. He started late, the early painting pursued the simplification of the form and the decorative effect of color, but he did not get rid of the impressionist technique. He was not only interested in ancient Egyptian painting, but also longed for The style and art of the natives who are still living in primitive tribes. It is called the highest typical of primitive human production.


Russian realist master painter Repin and French painting master Monet, together with the striking important figures in the history of European art in the late 19th century. Their art is in the east and west of Europe, and the influence of each party extends throughout the 20th century.


Rousseau, who was a master of modern painting by the amateur painter, is a typical painter who succeeded in self-study. His work is a blend of reality and dreams, full of natural and innocent vitality.

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