Mountain Waterfall Landscape Oil Painting

Mountain Waterfall Landscape Oil Painting

RR-LA-082: Waterfall, Still Oil Painting, Decoration Wall Oil paintings, countryside oil painting,impressionist home decoration oil painting, modern still life oil painting, still life oil painting art painting supplies

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RR-LA-082 Peace in the mountainWaterfall of China, landscape oil paintings

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Artists: on average, 15 years of experience, and they all have advanced degrees in fine arts.

Located in Dafen oil painting village, Shenzhen, China


Living room, dinning room, bedroom, children room, Hotels,restaurants,shopping malls,exhibition halls etc.

1. What are the sizes of paintings? 
8X10", 12X16", 16X20", 20X24", 24x36, 24x48", 30x40", 36x48", 48x72", and any special size is okay based on your favor. .

2. What's the minimum quantity that you can accept? 
It has no minimum quantity for wholesale and long term business partners.

3. Can you frame the artworks for clients? 
Yes, we can. If you would like to have the paintings stretched and framed in China.

4. Why can you sell paintings at the cheaper price? 
As we have our own oil painting factory here in China, and we supply paintings directly, no middleman, so we don’t have any extra costs. That is why we can offer competitive price.

5. How to do the damaged paintings? 
If the painting is damaged during transportation, please send us the photo of the damaged painting as soon as possible, we will repaint the painting for you immediately. If we have not received the report within 3 days upon your receipt of painting, we think everything is under a good condition.

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