A Century Of Realistic Oil Painting

- Nov 15, 2017 -

The realistic oil painting originated from the classical tradition of Europe, and in the past hundreds of years, with the changes of social history, the progress of material civilization and the change of people's aesthetic ideas and tastes, its spiritual intension and form are changing constantly. Since 20th century, the western realistic painting has been challenged by the avant-garde art, facing the grim situation, which has aroused our inquiry and thought. --Oil painting custom

At the beginning of 20th century, in order to seek the truth of salvation, the development of China's oil painting cause, patriotic youth to look abroad, have to public expense or at their own expense abroad study, the earliest to the British aesthetic oil painting is Li Tiefe, von Steel hundred to Mexico City National Academy of Fine Arts, and then to the United This batch of students to the East, Western studies of oil painting, in the movement back and forth in batches, to join in the new culture, new art movement, the holding of art exhibitions, the opening of schools, affected the painting, changed the pattern of art, for oil paintings in China's roots made a positive contribution.

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