A Detailed Description Of The Landscape Oil Painting

- Aug 10, 2017 -

Chinese landscape paintings focus on the details of the light and shade in the painting, making the oil painting more exquisite, oil painting in the sunlight irradiated objects reflected the light, the main emphasis on space and volume, the intensity of contrast strong can create a sense of space, the main scenery can be drawn real, strong, and vice versa, so as not only show the taste of the screen, but also enhance the sense of space.

The spatial level of performance, the key is to deal with the near, middle and far three levels of scenery, we must learn to face complex scenery, consciously organize, the scenery to be summed up, the use of perspective, color knowledge and a variety of treatment methods.

Cold and warm is the essence of oil painting scenery, under the irradiation of natural light, the bright part is warm, relative, dark part is cool, for example: The bright part is partial yellow, the dark part will be partial purple (contrast color), the warm and cold contrast also can produce the space, the close-range partial warm, the prospect will be partial to be cool.

Pigment thickness and thin: close-range to thick, vision to thin, because the thin words, you can push the vision far away, in contrast to the pigment thickness can be thin and thick distance, there are many painters will paint pile thick texture it.

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