Art Of Painting And Decorating

- Feb 10, 2017 -

Tip One: Make the small space smart

For the small space of the wall of the hanging painting can choose to stagger or the product glyph hang painting, painting is not too big, choose the size of 30 centimeters * 40 centimeters or so, so that the space will be lively and smart, so that people feel relaxed and comfortable.

Tip Two: The first point of view is the best position

The first point of view to enter the house is the most decorative painting place, so you will not feel at home on the wall is empty, the line of sight is not good, but also can produce fresh feeling.

Tip Three: Abstract decorative painting to enhance the sense of space

If you want to make room space is very large, can be with a strong sense of perspective or simple picture of the abstract decorative painting, can play a role in promoting space.

Tip Four: Decorate the height of the painting

Hanging the height of the painting should be the master's height for reference, the center of the painting in the eyes of the owner of the height of the height of 10-25 cm high hanging painting is advisable, this height of the hanging painting do not have to head or bow, for the most comfortable to see the height of the painting.

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