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- Jan 06, 2018 -


Critics, art history is a famous scholar Lv Peng

Other, improve the ability in appreciation of also can make the future art museums, clubs pavilion traffic is big soft to ascend, and by general exhibition in appreciation. Henna art widely it is that we are willing to see.

The lack of quintessence in painting appreciation ability conclusion

Art into the examination will be art market pattern in the future what effect is there?

Recently held national annual rally on teenagers "aesthetic education" become a hot topic in the on behalf of the members are discussed. Preliminary and previous years, Dafen oil painting Village has animal roars at fellow players in a row of small and medium-sized students' art quality evaluation system of oil painting, music, fine arts examination will be included in the mid-term exam score after all. The policy once roll out, will have a great hidden impact on future art market.

Reform can bring what tampering

Art as an examination what style of art market in the future?

Oil painting

Famous critics, art history scholars Lv Peng

Art into the mid-term exam will be for the future market names what change?

Art as an examination of the future art market pattern what effect is there?

Third, the new collectors will be more and more. Can see paintings that nowadays many Chinese wistaria outside the rich second generation has become the new collectors. This type of collector is different from the past "local tyrants". As economy to replace the second generation of the beneficiary, they suffered as usual good advice is (always) in foreign countries, some of that in my major is business, financial or other disciplines at the same time, the oil painting also study art history. Such as nanjing sifang gallery whose proprietor the shop less land, and investment in Shanghai gallery and establish ART021 live David. They love art, art, and coherent forest also mix in the art. They can quickly see for yourself all the episodes of "artistic quality" of oil painting decisively. And in the future, China's art education to fall behind, and essential to strengthen, there will be many more such new collectors to join the stones.

Children abroad to study in the art gallery

Which is not the most direct embodiment of the present Chinese appreciation trick, this is why there are so many people to visit the art paintings will bare a see the atomic mass of "gobbledygook", not to mention the push like foreign art consumption.

A couplet is inevitable students appreciate material dry. And connoisseurship ability raise the most direct influence on the art market is to promote the art market consumption, especially the level of city oil painting field. Central academy of fine arts professor Zhao Li proposed that "art consumption, art treasures and works of art investment or the troika will become the next five years, in the overall downturn in both appearance under, to match in the future a long time, or art consumption will handle the transformation of Chinese art market future oil painting and structure, changes in the past in order to preserve or investment market as the main attributes of the situation." Zhao Li thinks, this kind of reverse makes Chinese art market into a wide participation of the public markets, trading cave, gallery business will become the future strength of market growth, and further expand into buying and selling oil painting for market dominance. Cadres and the market must be after art is widely brought by the appearance, it is based on the next generation of students of art lesson.

Mandala painting treatment

Secondly, appreciate wit improve can also make people precisely identify the advantages and disadvantages of art, row to remove now empty oil painting art market price of female the companion, the market back to art healthy operation. If ever painting rewelding art market price painting evaluation specification is home art study people, art painting criticism, art painting media, said that art in the future this painting voice will return to the buyers.

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