How To Make Canvas Cloth

- Jan 10, 2017 -

First, after a piece of quality linen or canvas tightened on the frame, first brush the canvas on the bottom of the canvas, this is a milky white propylene liquid, after the dry with flexibility, not afraid of folding, this layer is the bottom line of oil painting canvas, is to prevent oil painting in front of the bottom surface and cloth contact, also prevent moisture from the canvas to invade the reverse, is a very important isolation layer. After dry like a layer of transparent film covered on the surface of the canvas, insoluble in water and other liquids.

Second, after the dry, paint the canvas paint, this is a white acrylic emulsion, this white after dry insoluble in water and other liquids.

Third, after the first time paint dry, and then brush the second time paint. If you want to draw plain effect, at this time the canvas has been finished, such as dry after can be used, oil painting will appear plain, the effect of high color purity;

Four, if you want to make the screen completely do not absorb oil painting and shiny bright, or painting the traditional classical oil painting, the second time after the paint dry, and then coated canvas substrate, and so dry after the use.

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