How To Paint The Oil Paintings So Nice And Beautiful

- Jan 08, 2018 -

Seaboard, forests, sand dune

Vivid colors, seems each paintings would be dancing magically.

The paintings are with a strong visual impact.

These amazing paintings created and painted by a famous female artist who comes from America,

Erin Hanson

She started to learn painting from her very little age.

Her loves to natural beauty reflects in all her artworks completely.

She often goes to national park and other places,

For packsack expedition, rock climbing, photography, hunting,

So, with this kind of experiences she converts familiar and peculiar scene to bold colors and tints frequently.


She challenges herself all the time, that

Make orange as chief colors to advocate warmth,

to create unique impressionist oil painting.

From Orange rock and desert, to

flaring sunset and orange flower.

Such alive colors reflect happy and abundant energy.

Erin Hanson

Her artworks style is known as an open type impressionism.

She insists her own style always during her artistic career.

Unique colors manifest creativity, adventure and charm. 

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