Modern Art Paintings History

- Jan 04, 2018 -

The modern art paintings was born in a complicated historical background, and it was affected by the revolution in the fields of politics, economy and culture in this era, it also reflected the complicated thinking collision and profound philosophical thinking of human beings in such an era. Different from the previous artworks, the language adopted by oil painting modern art is absurd, symbolic and abstract in treating the relationship among society, nature and individual. In the artworks of modern painters of Richrain, we can fell these modern artists’ expression of the modern people’s mind and psychology, their emotions towards the real life and strong individualism and nihilism in their thought. 


So, when we are facing a modern painting for sale, our first thought should be the modern painter of it rather than the content of it. Of course, it is also these characteristics of modern abstract paintings that endowed them with unique social value and aesthetic value, because they are the art portraiture of the modern society and people’s spiritual life.


The technical experience at the modern art painting schools is used as means to research on the external world that is analyzed carefully through the care of all the details. The chromatic palette, rich of colors, is used to determine the object of modern art oil paintings and to give the picture balance and atmosphere: as in a kaleidoscope the light is separated into color glares, particles that from the abject of modern canvas paintings, from the bodies go to diffuse themselves in the space and to be connected to all. 


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